Custom Build: Personalized Image

Custom Build: Personalized Image

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Build your own hoodie or sweatshirt!

NOTE #1* If you are interested in using NEW (not vintage/repurposed) materials, please DM on Instagram or send me an email, for the pricing for those projects vary significantly from project to project, so we will have to iron out those details over messaging.

NOTE #2* Please look through my posts on IG or click this link to visit my gallery to see examples of past projects. Having knowledge of my past projects will make the following questions much more clear.

Please carefully read the following before choosing your preferences in the options boxes or purchasing:

1. Please choose "Hooded," "Crewneck," or 1/4 Closure Fleece" (limited options for fleeces) from the drop-down menu.

2. Next, please choose your design preferences from the drop-down menu; see below for examples of the different design options.

"Curved Lines"

"Diagonal (50/50)" This method has been commonly ordered with a Champion sweater for the filler fabric, but any sweater material can be used.

"BreakThrough (Layered)" The main image material is layered under the sweater/hoodie/fleece

3. Once you have selected your design preference, please select your base material preference. "Jack's Choice" will always be reused and repurposed materials I think match well with the colors and aesthetics of the piece; they will commonly be vintage. Champion material will also be repurposed; Gildan and Hanes will be new. At the moment, I only offer using Champion, Hanes, and Gildan brands for other base fabric options.

4. Once you have chosen those options from the options, you will then enter all the following preferences in the "Comments/Preferences" box.

  • Base Material Color Preference: Please be as specific as possible with what colors you would like incorporated in the garment, and I will do my best to make sure the colors you choose are on the garment. If you choose new material from Hanes or Gildan, you can use the color's proper name from the website. You can also choose more than one color. 
  • Imagery Placement: Please add any preferences you have concerning the placement of the characters/imagery from the blanket or towel on the garment.
  • Layout: Please add any preferences you have on the layout of shapes, colors, or fabrics on the piece. Feel free to reference my past pieces to add clarity of what you are hoping your final piece to look like. 
  • Other Preferences: Please add any additional preferences or specifications in the "Comments/Preferences" box.

Wait Time

Please allow 3-5 weeks for a custom-built hoodie to be constructed and shipped. Depending on your preferences and my current workload, I could get it finished and shipped in as soon as 1-2 weeks.


I will not reach out to the client to get his/her opinion on a potential choice on the garment; if the client does not give specific instructions for something on the garment, I will follow the instructions I was given to make an educated decision on what the client would like done while also considering what will best match the colors and aesthetic of the piece.

I will follow the client's preferences as closely as possible, for I strive to deliver a piece that exceeds his/her expectations by making an amazing piece according to his/her specifications. However, some colors, fabrics, or layout preferences will be slightly different from what is requested, but I will always to my absolute best to follow the instructions as closely as possible.

Return Policy:

I do not accept returns on custom-built projects, for I will have a hard time reselling a garment that is specially designed for a single person's tastes.

Sizing Chart: