Hey there! Please read through the following if you wish to get to know me and my business a little better.

About Me

I began sewing about 6-7 years ago because I wanted to make my pants fit better. Gradually, I started tailoring other garments and eventually started creating new articles of clothing; these ranged from simple things like sewing different-colored sleeves and contrasting pockets on t-shirts. In my early days, I learned all the basics of sewing from kenandrewdaily on YouTube; I owe much of my knowledge to him and his expertly crafted tutorials. Over the years, I continued to learn through making articles for myself and friends, but I only dabbled in creating things to sell in my free time and never took it very seriously. However, at the start of the 2020 covid-19 lockdown, I lost one of my part-time jobs as a server at a café, and it was incredibly difficult to work remotely as an English tutor (my other part-time job). Consequently, I found myself without a job or a source of income, so I decided that my best bet to make some money was through sewing. Before I knew it, sewing was paying my bills, and I knew I would never have to deal with another belligerent café customer again! The lockdown initially felt like a restricting, stifling situation, but it turned out to be all part of God's plan to get me out of two unfulfilling part-time jobs and into an occupation that I truly enjoy, and for this, I am immensely grateful. 


Ever since I became enamored of skateboarding when I was 12, I have derived inspiration from the fashion and culture of skateboarding. Skateboarding and its culture has developed in a strange and surprising way over the past five years. I remember the 90s-early 00s era of skateboarding being underground and grungy; the skate fashion was definitely not held in high regard in mainstream fashion. However, this has evolved in recent years; I am still surprised how skate culture and fashion has become popular. Looking through today's fashion trends, I see how skate-inspired fashion has become mainstream. Perhaps this evolution has come due to the rising popularity of vintage and 90s fashion. Skate culture and fashion influenced the youth culture and fashion trends of the 90s (at least in my opinion), so with the themes of the 90s and vintage becoming trendy today, skate culture and fashion has inevitably become popular too. Aside from the influence of skateboarding, basketball and sneaker culture has also shaped my fashion tastes and design ideas. I am also fascinated and inspired by all the cultural and fashion trends of the 90s, and I draw extensive inspiration from the impact Nike, Michael Jordan, Disney, outerwear brands, and children's cartoons had throughout the 90s.