How Do I Purchase a Garment From You?

  • All my custom pieces are put up for sale in an Instagram post. Once the "For Sale" post is live, the item is available for purchase; whoever DMs first gets the first opportunity to purchase it. Please see "Shop Policies" for more info.
  • Anything that does not sell on Instagram within 24 hours after release will be available here on the website.
  • If you want to be notified when new items drop, turn on post notifications on IG.

Do You Ship Internationally?

  • Yes! I offer global shipping for an additional fee of $10-$25 depending on location.

How Do I Care for My Garment?

  • Care instructions for garments made from blankets: machine wash separately using delicate cycle, cold water, and mild detergent--no bleach. Dry on low setting (also separately). Remove promptly while still warm. Please make sure to clean out your dryer filter after drying. If you are concerned about the possibility of shrinkage, line-dry your garment. You can also dry clean your garment. Care for all other garments is the same as above except washing and drying separately is not necessary. 

Do You Accept Custom/Commissioned Projects?

  • I do not regularly accept commissioned projects; however, I will occasionally announce I will be accepting a limited number of orders. These announcements are always delivered via Instagram stories or posts. In the end, feel free to reach out if you desperately want a custom piece, and I will consider it. Please just keep in mind that it will cost significantly more than a regular, non-customized piece, but if you provide your own fabric, the price will be reduced.

Do You Purchase Material from Individuals?

  • Yes! I am always looking for new material, so if you have anything you think I may be interested in, feel free to contact me. I will purchase anything I think I can put to good use. Specifically, I prefer using towels and non-fleece, woven blankets.

Why Do You Conduct the Sale of New Customs Over DMs Instead of On the Website?

  • I genuinely like talking to you guys!
  • I want to encourage anyone who is disappointed if they miss out on an item and tell them when similar pieces will be dropped.
  • I also like to know who and how many people are interested in purchasing certain pieces. I can then make better products that also reflect the interests of my followers.