Do You Accept Custom/Commissioned Projects?

  • Unfortunately, I am not offering any custom ordering options at this time.
  • Rarely, I will offer image-upload options for custom hoodies/crewnecks on the website, and these limited runs are announced via Instagram Stories.

What Machines Do You Use?

  • I use two machines: I use a serger for most projects; it’s the Brother 1034d 4-thread serger. I use a sewing machine for other projects that include layering fabrics. I use a Janome 3000hd sewing machine.

How Do I Purchase a Garment From You?

  • I post all new pieces on Instagram Sunday-Friday. These previewed items drop here on the website every Friday evening at 8pm Eastern Standard Time.

Do You Ship Internationally?

  • Yes! I offer global shipping for an additional fee of $40 USD. 

How Do I Care for My Garment?

  • Care instructions for garments: regular cycle, cold water, and mild detergent--no bleach. Dry on low setting. Remove promptly while still warm. Please make sure to clean out your dryer filter after drying. If you are concerned about the possibility of shrinkage, line-dry your garment. 

Do you offer Pre-Orders? 

  • I will occasionally offer pre order options for very popular pieces. These limited runs are announced via Instagram Stories. These limited runs give customers the option to pre-order the specific hoodie design in their size; I may also add further customization options beyond size depending on the product.

Do You Purchase Material from Individuals?

  • Yes! I am always looking for new material, so if you have anything you think I may be interested in, feel free to contact me. Specifically, I will purchase nearly any non-fleece, woven throw blankets.